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Tyranno Media Group offers a vast GEMA music library, which was designed specifically for film, television, radio, advertising and newmedia-productions. Editors, directors, cutters, producers, music agencies (Image CD) and record labels have a quick and easy access to a music library sorted by categories and themes.

Search easily for titles for your movies, advertising or compilation, put together your package and check the price through our contact form.

All titles are listenable in full length, but reduced quality. Forget annoying delays and integrate our music instantly in your projects, because each verified member gets an additional direct download access to all music titles in high quality.

Just sign up personally in the customers login area and you are ready to start!

The use of television and radio stations like ARD, ZDF, RTL, SAT1, PRO7 etc. that have concluded a license agreement with GEMA, is free, because it will settled by GEMA. All necessary data about the authors you can find on the registration form on the appropriate music song pages. If you use one or more of our songs, please forward a copy of the registration form to us.

References: RTL2 "Berlin Tag & Nacht", RTL "Vermisst", Sony Erotic Lounge, Deluxe TV, Buddha Bar, MDR, SAT1, ARD, Cafe del Mar a.m.m.


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